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What is it?
The international social engineering internship at Javeriana University is a new 'for-credit' mobility opportunity that allow undergraduate engineering students from around the world to engage in the development of a solution relevant to a socio-economically vulnerable community in Colombia*, while having both a cultural and interdisciplinary educational experience.

Students' work includes a remote stage and a face-to-face stage. During the remote stage, local and international students are expected to interact using our online educational platform or other convenient means. During the face-to-face stage, students are expected to do field work in Colombia. This face-to-face stage must last at least two and a half-months during the summer, or can last the full academic semester from July to November 2020 (see stages overview). 


*This implies that students will be required to take precautions according with our experience to ensure their integrity¿

Who can apply?

The program is directed to undergraduate students of any engineering discipline, who have completed at least two years of coursework (or 60% of the credits) of their engineering program, coming from universities having international mobility agreements with Javeriana University. 

Students outcomes

The program provides students with an educational experience to work on an project with significant constraints, which is expected to result in a final report including a prototype solution for a basic unsatisfied need of a vulnerable community in Bogotá or in a region of Colombia.


Students will: 
  • become more conscious about the importance of being socially responsible by putting their knowledge at the service of people who need it most.
  • be able to develop an engineering project under significant economical/ financial constraints.
  • work in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural teams
  • be able to write a technical report including background, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • develop autonomous work skills.


Mobility options for the face-to-face work

Students will have the opportunity to choose one of the following durations of mobility: 

  • Summer mobility: Face-to-face work during summer period (at least, two and a half months; dates are flexible, according to academic calendar of international students).
  • One semester mobility: Face-to-face work during the second semester of 2020 (July the 13th to November the 27th)

Also, for the summer mobility, students will have the opportunity to express their preference to do their internship in Bogotá, or in one of the geographical regions of the country where Javeriana has significant partnerships. For the one semester mobility, only the Bogotá option is available.


General characteristics of the program

  • Official language of the program: English (B1 level required)
  • It is strongly suggested to have at basic understanding of the Spanish language (A1 level required)
  • Desirably, no more than 3 students will be selected from a single university.
  • Students are required to have health insurance with international coverage for the duration of the activity in Colombia.
  • Students will be responsible for the issue of the Visa (if needed), airfare cost, meal and accommodation expenses. Advice and support on logistics will be provided.
  • Small funding for air tickets (up to USD$500) will be available for up to 5 student applications upon examinations of their economical needs.

Academic characteristics of the program

  • Up to 10 teams of 4-5 students, approximately half from Javeriana, each team working in a different project.
  • Students will be assigned to projects which may not be directly related to the specific engineering discipline of the student.
  • The total approximate number of hours of academic work is 184 hours (corresponding to up to 3 credits). 
  • A feedback relating to the student outcomes (see below) of the program will be provided to each student, which can be translated into a final grade for each student's work. 
  • Local students (from Javeriana) may also come from the Schools of Design, Arts or Business Administration.
  • Each team will have a supervisor and can have access to additional advisors and lab time to build/test their solutions.
  • Students may take supplementary courses in management and finances topics for credit in English language.* 
*Course registration fees will be according to mobility agreetments between institutions. Open courses will be known approximately one month prior to the start of the course. A sample of courses that may be available can be seen here.